Electric Boat Motors – What to Search for in a Trolling Motor

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When individuals are searching for electric boat motors they are typically searching for a boat trolling motor.

A trolling motor is created to move a boat at around 5 miles per hour, these are normally not main engines like an outboard motor which are quite more effective and are fuel powered.

Trolling motors are generally utilized by anglers which are where the name originates from, i.e. trolling a fishing lure however they are similarly helpful as a second motor for maneuvering a bigger craft at sluggish speeds in tight locations. Electric boat motors are readily available in 3 fundamental setups, transom installed, that is the back of the boat, bow installed, that is the front and engine installed. Engine installed electric motors are typically utilized where there is an existing outboard motor and the owner desires a smaller sized motor for fishing.

Electric boat motors are ending up being more popular as the issues concerning the environment are growing. Lots of lakes and rivers now have fuel limitations which suggest that you can row your boat or cruise it. Electric boat motors permit you to have some power.

What to try to find in an electric boat motor 

The very first factor to consider is where are you going to buy best trolling motor battery? If your transom is currently complete then a bow installed motor is a choice, if you currently have an outboard then you might wish to purchase an engine install as they can use existing control equipment and look a lot neater.

The next thing to choose is what does it cost? Power do you require? Trolling motors are primarily promoted on the basis of thrust this is the force in pounds that the motor will provide.

Just how much thrust you need is figured out by the size of your boat. A bigger craft will require more force to move it and by properly sizing the electric boat motor you will make sure that it can do what you require it to without straining it or diminishing the battery power unduly. A lot of producer’s sites or literature will provide their suggestions for your specific boat however a rough general rule is one pound of thrust for every forty pounds of load.