Three techniques for better auto website conversions

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Driving more traffic to your website won’t make a difference for your auto business if it doesn’t convert into more leads and sales. Here we are going to look at three different techniques you can use as an auto dealership to convert website visitors into warm leads and sales.

Three techniques for better auto website conversions

The traffic must be relevant

Having a high volume of traffic going through your website will have no relevance unless it’s the right kind. Generic blog posts and web page information can be great in terms of Google search rankings, but being the highest Toyota or Honda blog post on a search engine won’t draw in potential customers.

Keywords are what is needed to get high-quality traffic to your auto dealership website. The best keyword combinations for auto dealers are:

– Location + brand + dealer
– Brand + dealer + location
– Used cars + location
– Brand + service + location

You can target your key audience by creating brand new content that targets keywords that are specific to the potential customers in your local area.

Three techniques for better auto website conversions

Put a lead form on each page

Every page should feature a lead form, even if it’s about something that’s relevant to your auto dealership like motor trade insurance from Quote Me Today. Conversion elements should be completely visible on the page without the visitors having to scroll or click to see it. The best way to display a lead form is to use the sidebar, where you can still display engaging and relevant content whilst keeping the form visible.

A lead form should only contain contact fields that are relevant and necessary and should be concise too. Long forms can be off-putting and CAPTCHA isn’t always the best idea either as it can deter potential customers from filling out the form.

Better call to actions

Making small changes to the calls to action on your page like altering the colour, font and placement can make a big impact on lead conversions. It’s also important to pay attention to the words and images used around a call to action. Nothing should clash with the button, and visitors should be able to see it clearly as soon as they enter the page. Always use a button instead of a clickable link for more conversions.