Some ways to determine your pregnancy at home!

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Pregnancy is a delicate matter, and hence one has to handle it with prudence. First of all, one needs to know if she is pregnant or not. There are doubtlessly some of the body symptoms that can make one feel being pregnant but they may be fake symptoms also. Hence to be sure one can use the pregnancy test kit which is easily available in the market. For many females, it is also not that easy to get a test kit from the medical store, and hence for them, the homely options can be much helpful. If you are curious about your pregnancy and you have to check, then there are some quick ways to use the homemade ways to determine your pregnancy. Here are few ways which can help you out:

Wheat and Barley Test: This is a traditional way to test your pregnancy and was used by the Egyptians. This test though can take some time to show its results. Add your sample of morning urine to your mixture of wheat and barley seeds and see the result in a couple of days. If the seeds start to ferment then the test is positive, and if there is no effect, then the test is negative. According to the old Egyptians, completely excluding science, if the wheat seed grows then it means that you will have a boy and if the barley seeds grow, it indicates the birth of a girl.

Check your Urine: You urine can give you indications to tell you if you are pregnant or not. One of the most prominent signs of pregnancy is getting frequent bouts of urination. Apart from that, you can also conduct a test with your urine to be sure. Collect your morning sample ona plain plastic surface contain and let it be for about twenty-four hours. After this time, if there is any thin white deposition on the surface of the container or the urine, it means that your test is positive. If there is no change in color, then the test is negative.

Wine Test: In the medieval times the technologies were not developed, and there were hardly any ways to confirm if a woman was pregnant or not. In those times, the women used wine to test their pregnancy. This involves the pouring of a bit of wine to your sample of morning urine. If the wine and the urine dissolve into one another, then the test is positive. If the wine and urine do not mix, then the test results are negative.

Some ways to determine your pregnancy at home!

Red Cabbage Test: Red Cabbage can be used to determine your pregnancy. In this test, you have to boil a few cabbage leaves into the water and boil it for a few minutes. Then let it cool down and transfer it into a jar. Then mix this water into the sample of your morning urine. If the color changes to reddish pink or purple then it means the test is positive. In case of no change, the test is negative.